Okay in response to a lot of comments, yes we’re still alive but we’re taking a break. Sarah feels she need some time away from the comic work on her art style. She feels she’s gotten a bit stale in her art and wants to just do some project to experiment and do new things with her art.

I’m sorry this took so long to clear up but the break was very unexpected and, as Charby readers will already know my wife’s grandmother passed away recently so when I should have been talking to people and posting this up I was away with family and frankly the comic didn’t seem very important at that time and I hadn’t realized how long I kept everyone waiting and wondering.

I don’t know how long Sarah wants to take off, but I asked her if she was done and she said she was not so I’m going to give her some time. I’m not sure if I should make something like a short story or some side comics while she is gone or not. I will if the community is interested in something like that until new pages are forthcoming again.

Thank you to everyone who asked after us.